My Projects




Bellz is a personal accounting management application that helps individuals better manage their finances. It lists transactions and accounts in an organized manner, facilitating financial decision making. The application also allows users to share this information with others, which can be useful when working as a couple or as a family. Available as a web service, Bellz allows users to track their accounting from anywhere and at any time. By using this application, individuals can more efficiently and effectively reach their financial goals.

This application was built around Remix to learn how to use this framework as well as learn some optimization techniques to reduce loading time and make the application as fast as possible. It was designed to allow for JavaScript-free use on the front-end as well as in highly degraded network conditions.

It also allowed me to create a project foundation based on Remix, TailwindCSS, and Revolut in order to have a complete and performant SaaS service template.